Photo 1 Outreach

I feel that communication, outreach and education are very important tools to make an idea spread and make deep roots. For this reason, I'm involved in many projects and activities which investigate a way of reaching the curiosity of more people. Here there is a brief summary:

  • Collaborator of the science outreach magazine The Conversation
  • Collaborator of the science outreach magazine Redes
  • Collaborator of the science outreach magazine IAA
  • Collaborator of the science outreach portal
  • Winner (in collaboration with Rosalía Cid) of the outreach science prize by the CPAN (Center of Particle Astroparticles and Nuclear Physics)
  • Co-fundator of the education project ColoredGlasses
  • Participation in the PIIISA project
  • Participation in outreach activities at the International Year of the Astronomy and the European Night of Researchers.
  • Publications of an article at the national newspaper El País.
  • Collaborator of the book "100 preguntas, 100 respuestas" en Astronomia
  • Lecturer at the Outreach course organized by the AAHU (Huesca Astronomical Asociation)
  • Begoña Ascaso

    Begoña Ascaso

    Université Paris Diderot
    Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie (APC)

    10, rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet
    75013, Paris (France)

    Skype: laurentinaSL
    E-mail: ascaso [AT]